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Our teachers training for 3 villages in Mansouria

Nile River Montessori organized a capacity building training for teachers in Mansouria, in partnership with Nahdet Al Mansouria Association and Rotary Shams October on Saturday 16 April 2022.

This training comes under the community outreach program of Nile River Montessori for teachers in remote or marginalized areas to provide them with basic understanding of the needs of the child and the role of the teacher in order to improve the learning environment in these areas.

The training saw the participation of 17 teachers coming from 5 preschools and community schools from three different villages wprking under working Nahdet El Mansouria Association : Ezbet Safih, abdelsamad village, Ezbet fakroun.

Nile River Montessori is really dedicated to support schools and preschools in disadvantaged areas in order to allow children accessing a higher quality of education.

Nile River Montessori is a montessori nursery, preschool, and school that is dedicated to bringing a change to the educational scene in Egypt and the region. Nile River Montessori answers the needs of parents and their children together based on the Montessori scientific approach with over 100 years of proven success around the world. Montessori understands the needs and nature of children at every stage of their development and supports children to reach their full potential at their own pace.

Nile River Montessori has a community outreach programme.

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