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Montessori method emphasizes active learning in harmony with each child’s unique pace of development. Based on Maria Montessori’s scientific study of children, the Montessori method believes that children are naturally curious about their environment and have an intrinsic desire to learn. Unlike a teacher centred approach, a Montessori education centres on the belief that children are critical thinkers who are capable of being self-directed learners.  In a carefully prepared environment, children have the freedom to move throughout the classroom and learn through hands-on activities with specific Montessori materials. Teachers are there to guide children through their individualized learning and to foster a respectful and tight-knit community. A Montessori education promotes free choice, hands on learning, independence, and creativity where children are free to learn at their own pace. It is a holistic approach emphasizing all aspects of development, rather than on attaining specific pieces of information.


The Montessori method promotes learning in a multi-age environment, which allows children to learn from and teach one another, to work together and fosters leadership skills.  A multi-age classroom encourages teachers and children to form strong relationships and a community among children. 

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Respect for the child

A fundamental principle of Montessori. We allows children choices, thus preparing them to become independent learners. Children discover the world around them through a hands-on approach, rather than the information being landed upon them from above. This promotes enthusiasm and curiosity driven learning.

From birth to 6 years

This stage is characterized by the Absorbent Mind and Sensitive Periods. These two aspects work together and cause an unparalleled ability for learning. Learning is intense and enlightening. During the first three years of life infants learn through their senses, in what is called an unconscious Absorbent Mind. During the second three years children learn consciously through active hands on experience. Learning will take place when they are allowed to do things on their own.

The Absorbent Mind

The child mind is able to absorb knowledge quickly and effortlessly from birth to six years. Children are constantly learning in an inherent process of their everyday life. What the child absorbs depends largely on what types of information and experiences cross their paths. Montessori classrooms allow free exploration and learning in uninterrupted blocks of time, in order to get the most out of their learning experiences.

Prepared Environment

The Montessori classroom is an environment prepared by the adult for children. It contains all the essentials for optimal development but nothing superfluous. Attributes of a prepared environment include order and reality, beauty and simplicity. Everything is child-sized to enhance the children's independent functioning. A trained adult and a large enough group of children of mixed ages make up a vital part of the prepared environment.

Sensitive periods

Children become ripe to learn different types of skills at specific points in their development. The age at which each sensitive period occurs varies from one child to another. Teachers detect when the right time is to introduce concepts to each individual child.

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