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Embracing Diversity: When Celebrating Ramadan comes together with the Great Fasting

This year, we celebrate the convergence of two significant events: Ramadan for Muslims and the Great Fast for Christians, offering numerous learning opportunities in our school and community.

The exposure of children to festivals and festivities is an essential part of connecting them with real-life experiences and fostering a deep appreciation for their culture.

In our elementary program, known for its cosmic education, children study with an interconnectedness of all subjects with real life, providing a great opportunity for cultural and scientific lessons, as well as learning about kindness and tolerance.

Our school took the initiative to instill values of giving and empathy in our children from different levels participated in packing of food that went later for distribution to those in need in our neighborhood.

Children Preparing Packs for Distribution installing the sense of giving

Elementary children discovering the moon cycle through the Lunar Month of Ramadan

The elementary children were presented with the cycle of the moon as part of their science lessons, which was made more interesting by linking it to the lunar months, such as Ramadan. This provided a gateway to introduce the Ramadan festivities, characterized by the fasting of the month an which is widely celebrated in Egypt.

Exposing the great fasting for the elementary children and the simultaneous observance with Ramadan

As part of a cultural lesson as well, we presented the simultaneous observance of the Great Fast for Christians and Ramadan for Muslims in Egypt, emphasizing that both fasting are opportunities to bring people together for acts of kindness and giving.

At Nile River Montessori, we provide an environment that fosters learning and exploration and also we offer a space for cultural understanding and create an atmosphere that values diversity and foster inclusiveness and unity for all.



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