Our Outdoor Classroom is Making our Coming Back Smooth and Happy!

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

After a long period of being away, parents and children are so happy to go back to school. This year at Nile River Montessori, we opened our outdoor Montessori classroom to ensure a smooth and happy transition from home to school.

It's so blessing to see our children happily emerged in the nature. Our outdoor classroom offers learning and play in the same time.

Our children always learn how to take care of their environment by cleaning, sweeping, polishing wood, cleaning table... It is very important to build their gross and fine motor skills and to give them confidence, that they are doing a meaningful work for the wellbeing of their community.

Feeding our rabbit and tortoise are great moments of the day, our children learn to care of animals and take the responsibility of feeding them with joy!

Germinating, planting and watering plants are great activities to strengthen the relation with the nature and to learn. We hope we can grow our food soon!

Food Preparation for the whole community offers a lot of sensorial experiences for the children and the possibility to feed a whole classroom!

More fun, more work, more play, this environment offers happiness and learning for our loved one!

The Heartwarming Parent testimonial describing her child smiling during his sleep while speaking about our school! What is more beautiful than that!

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