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Our children built a canal and it exceeded our expectation !

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

When some of our children started to play as usual in the garden with sand, none of us thought that it would end up as a big labyrinth of interconnected canals surrounding the playing area: it was a duplication of the Nile.

The big project continued for three days consecutively, with children working harmoniously together during garden time.

It was initiated by a 4 and 5 year-old and then older and younger children joined in and helped by digging more canals, connecting them together or bringing water. Older children were leading for this creative work and the smaller children were part of this amazing joint effort. More digging … more water…

More Digging..More Water

My colleagues believe that this work is strongly inspired by the water and land form materials they are working with in the classroom. As shown in the picture, the child puts blue water in the form to see the different shapes: lake, island, gulf, cape, isthmus, peninsula, etc.

Our children also learn about oceans and continents, the problem of water in the world and the Day Zero in South Africa. So they decided to duplicate the Nile in our garden!

The last day, to crown their work, the children added small boats and put them on the canal!

Our project to create a sand box doesn't have sense anymore, our children, obviously think outside of the box.

Our Montessori environment is nurturing creativity, freedom, concentration and independence. What we didn't expect at this age was this great project and the coordination required in completing it.

Now that we have a branch of the Nile in our school, we have one more reason to be named Nile River Montessori!

It is true children will always surprise us!

About us:

Nile River Montessori is a preschool like no other, dedicated to bringing a change in the educational scene in Egypt. We reinvented the concept of child care based on the latest scientific findings for the well-being of the child and the well-being of families. Nile River Montessori is here to answer the needs of parents and the child together.

As parents, we are looking for the best for our children so they can be safe and happy and develop themselves to their fullest potential. Childhood is the most important phase of human life, we make it happy, safe and rich in experiences that let the child develop their potential, satisfy their needs and nurture their curiosity.

When you choose Nile River Montessori, you know you choose the best for your child.

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